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Your Consultant is Sharon Arns - Online Store

My Story

Where has 10 years gone - almost 11 years!?!?!? What a blessing it has been to be a Scentsy director and consultant. Whether you are reading my story as a current or potential customer or potential team member, know that I am blessed by you and it is an honor to be your Scentsy consultant and director.

Here's my story: July 2008, I walked into an office I frequented often. The office was filled with a wonderful aroma. When I asked the ladies in the office what they were burning they said, "Sharon, you know we can't have a candle in here!" They showed me the Scentsy warmer sitting on the desk and the catalog they had ordered it from. I was so impressed with that first introduction that I took the catalog, went home and looked up Scentsy. The very next day, July 23, 2008, I was online again - this time to sign up to be a consultant! Yes, I became a Scentsy consultant BEFORE I had even tried a warmer in my home and I am so glad I did!!

What may surprise many of you is that I am a farmer’s wife out in the “middle of nowhere”! And I am not kidding when I say that -- I drive 45 minutes to the nearest grocery store and 2½ hours to the nearest mall! Most of my business is done 2½ to 3½ hours (one way) from my home.

I know first hand that when a person puts their mind to making something work, it will happen! It doesn’t matter what your obstacles are, YOU can succeed!!

Have you thought about becoming a Scentsy consultant? What’s stopping you? What fears or doubts do you have? Let’s work together to make your dream of being your own boss, having more time with family or just more money to help with bills, a REALITY!!

I am currently looking for Scentsy Consultants in your area!!

I have been getting many calls from customers looking for a consultant in their local area. I would LOVE to give them your name!!

Is becoming a Scentsy Consultant right for you?
* Do you want more time with your family?
* Would you like to have more money for you and your family?
* Would you like to set your own working hours?
* Would you like to help others and make a difference in their lives?

If you answered yes to any of the above then ...

As a Scentsy Consultant you can ...
* Earn over 30% on your personal sales
* Earn up to 9% on sales of those on your team
* Have the opportunity to earn FREE incentive trips
* Earn Hostess Rewards (FREE and half-off products)
* Set your own hours and have the freedom to work your business when it is right for you

JOIN Scentsy and I promise to ...
* Guide you through your first 70 days
* Mentor you through 1 on 1 training if you'd like
* Add you to our team FB page where you will find many tips and training
* Help you enter your orders - whether they be your own orders or party orders
... and there is much more! Your success is my success!!

Ready to JOIN Scentsy? If so, click on JOIN!

Have questions that you'd like to talk to me about, don't hesitate to text me at 719-691-5789 or email me at

AND THERE'S MORE!! Love to travel?
Oh the Places Scentsy has taken me!
June 2009 - Banff, Canada
September 2009 - Alaskan Cruise
June 2010 - San Francisco & Hawaii
September 2010 - Boston, MA
June 2011 - Orlando, FL – Family Trip to DisneyWorld
June 2012 – Dominican Republic
June 2013 – Costa Rica
January 2014 - Cancun Mexico
June 2014 - Bahamas
June 2015 - Caribbean Cruise
June 2016 - Family Trip to DisneyWorld
June 2017 - TOP 100 WORLDWIDE - African Safari
June 2018 - Mediterranean Cruise
January 2019 - Cancun Mexico
June 2019 - Marco Island, FL

ALL trips have been ALL EXPENSES PAID!! What an amazing company!

Thanks for reading my story!

Sharon Arns, Director & Founders Circle Member